How to do an Instagram yoga challenge

I told you there’d be some posts about yoga! I actually planned on my first few posts to be very deep and delve right into body image stuff but since March is full of awesome yoga challenges on Instagram, and because I know people who want to try them but don’t know how, I thought I’d throw this in. 

Instagram yoga challenges are a great way to get yoga into your everyday routine. If you already have a practice you can throw the daily pose into it to mix things up. If you don’t have a daily practice then your daily pose(s) can be your practice! I’d be lying if I told you I have a full daily practice where I just add on challenge poses. Nope, sometimes the only yoga I do in a day is the one pose for the one challenge. My husband says he thinks I’m a faker because my Instagram account makes it appear as though I do a full flow practice. I’m not a faker though, that’s not how yoga works. 

So no matter if you’re a seasoned yogi, an I’ve-never-done-yoga-before beginner, or somewhere in between, yoga challenges can have benefit for you. After E was born 6 months ago I started with 1 challenge, then added on whenever I felt I needed more. This is what got me into the habit of daily yoga. The benefits of which I’ll speak to later. 

So, yoga challenges, wanna try?? Here’s how:

Get yourself an Instagram account. It’ll need to be public, meaning anyone and everyone will be able to see it. Because of this make sure you only post to your own comfort level. You’ll notice I will add photos of my kids (here and on Instagram) but refer to them only by their initial. If you don’t even want people to see pictures of your kids, don’t post them! 

You can start by following some different yogis, there are tons on there, or by checking out @igyogachallenges. Browse through the current yoga challenges and find one you think you’ll like. 

Each challenge will have hosts, sponsors, and a hashtag. You’ll probably need to check out one of the hosts to find the instructions for the challenge so pick a challenge then go to a hosts page and browse for the challenge image, the description will have the instructions. 

Usually this is what you need to do: follow all hosts and sponsors. This means clicking on each one and hitting follow. 

It’ll also ask you to tag all hosts and sponsors in each post you make. Tagging is easy, you start with the @ and start writing their “name” and Instagram will help you with suggestions as you type. For example, I’m @momiyogi. 

**Tip: I find its best to do this in the first post you make them copy it and paste it elsewhere so you can just copy and paste it each day rather than typing it all out everyday.**

Then it’ll probably ask you to repost the flyer and tag friends. Do this by screenshotting the challenge post then add it as your own photo. Tag some friends, tag the hosts and sponsors, add the hashtag and you’re done!

Now it’s challenge time! Some challenges have the poses laid out on the flyer, making it easy to know what to do each day, like so: 

Others don’t and you need to check in with the hosts each day to see the poses, ie: 

Either way, once you know the pose you need to do it and post it. But how do you get the pictures?! The easiest way I find is to video myself with my phone doing the yoga. After I’m done I play the video then quickly pause it and scroll through. When I see exactly the frame I want to share I screenshot it! 

Take the screenshot of yourself, upload it to Instagram, add the hashtag and paste in the hosts and sponsors, add any other hashtags you’d like and you’re done!! You’ve participated in a yoga challenge!!

Cant do a pose?? That’s okay, I can’t do them all either. Most or all challenges encourage you to only do what you can. No one wants you to injure yourself. All poses have prep poses, poses that help you build up to a harder pose. To find these you can search the name of the pose + prep poses on Instagram or google. Here is an example: 

Dolphin pose: 

Is a prep for forearm stand: 

My lovely momma and sister are with me in these photos, both used for the same day of the most recent “twinning challenge” on Instagram. 

So that’s it! A little confusing at first but you get the hang of it quickly. If you’re trying to incorporate a bit of yoga into your day to day life, a challenge might keep you accountable. Give it a try!!

Here’s a summary:

1) get an Instagram account and make sure it’s public. 

2) find a challenge, look at @igyogachallenges or send me a message for help. 

3)visit a hosts page, click on the challenge flyer/picture, check instructions 

4) click on and follow all hosts and sponsors 

5) screenshot the challenge photo,upload it to Instagram, add challenge hashtag and tag all hosts and sponsors

6) take a video of you doing the pose, a variation, or a prep pose. Screenshot the video when you have the frame you want to share 

7) upload your photo, add hashtag and hosts and sponsors and you’re all done!!

And feel free to follow me on Instagram too. @momiyogi

Love yourself, love your body ✌️



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